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Posts published in “Fact Check”

Senate never threatened to withhold Police Budget, neither did the Police threaten to withdraw men from Senate
Reports that the Senate plans to withdraw Police budget & IGP plans to withdraw its security detail, is fake

The news on Social Media platforms (Facebook and Twitter) credited to the Senate that it would withdraw the Police Budget to which the Inspector General…

The report that Nigeria attended the US embassy opening in Jerusalem is incorrect
Nigeria did not attend the US embassy opening in Jerusalem as widely reported

The reports in some prominent online Media outlets that included Nigeria as one of the Countries present at the formal opening of United States Embassy…

Obasanjo’s CNM is adopting a Political Party that is known for endorsing other party’s candidate prior to election day
Obasanjo's Third Coalition adopted party has never won any election in Nigeria

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s Third Force Movement, Coalition of Nigeria Movement (CNM) recently adopted the African Democratic Congress (ADC), a political party that has never…