‘PDP may be working for APC’ and other disruptively odd things Sowore said in Benin

Posted on July 30, 2018, 12:16 pm

As part of what he calls his disruptive campaign, Presidential aspirant and Founder of SaharaReporters, Omoyele Sowore visited Edo State to acquaint supporters of his plans in taking over the reins of power from the ‘Cabal’ come 2019. The meeting had both usual and controversial suggestions.

Arriving the State Capital, Benin City, on July 21 for a Town hall meeting and Fundraising Dinner, the ‘Take it back Movement’ convener assured supporters of his resolve to rid Nigeria of the age-long cankerous politics.

“this is the best opportunity we have to clean Nigeria of all the old people who have (sic) contributed to the destruction of Nigeria, those who have been dragging us down, the dead weights…..

“We are not going to kill them, there will be no violence involved, we’re just only going to withdraw our services from them. We’re not going to be working for them anymore, we’re not going to be carrying ballot boxes for them anymore, we’re not going to be assassinating for them anymore, we just want our Nation back from them..”

Sowore narrated the encouraging reception accorded him when he visited some States in Nigeria, including Kano. He said his visit was a challenge to President Muhammadu Buhari’s popularity in Kano.

“We went there and discovered it is a lie, the man has no support, anywhen, anywhere, anyhow in Nigeria anymore. The people of Kano, including the Emir of Kano, received us officially as if he knew that we were already been elected to become the President of the Federal Republic in Nigeria”.

Sowore courted the South East, saying the people hated the injustice imposed on them by the leaders and they hated being divided along religious lines.

He said the region desires to be able to trade across the Country, farm without fear of being killed by herdsmen, as well as the construction of the second, third, fourth and possibly the fifth Niger Bridge.

He also encouraged the youths to seek public office to displace and liberate the people from old politicians. He advised the youths not to be lazy in getting the Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC), as, he says, the youths are the seventh of the six geopolitical zones to take over power in 2019.

“We have suffered for too long, we have suffered so much that people who are lazy are calling us lazy, people who have never worked their entire lives but have been using Nigeria as their social security. They look at strong people like you, strong people like you, strong men like you, strong lady at the back and say that they’re lazy”.

Unveiling plans

Sowore affirmed his willingness to strengthen the Nigerian workforce by digitalizing the system – Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDA). This said will reduce corruption. He also promised to abolish offices that are not necessary. 

“When I am elected the President of Nigeria, IF I HAVE MY WAY I will abolish the Nigerian Senate, we don’t need a Nigerian Senate”.

He also introduced his SPICER-HE manifesto to supporters while decrying what he describes as the impunity of public office holders and the negligence of Government in its reprimand, citing the Inspector General of Police (IGP) flaunting of the President’s directive to stay in Benue State following the persistent Farmer/herders clashes.

Sowore complained that Nigeria’s interest rate is the highest in Africa, apparently basing his claim on Investmentfrontier.com’s study which includes the 25% it alleges some Banks charge whereas the Central Bank’s fixed rate is 14%, lower than that of Ghana and a host of other African countries.

Sowore emphasized the need to create the conducive environment for citizens as “Nigeria is the only place Nigerians don’t do well” due to saboteurs.

“Even our Police, as bad as they are, when they take them to go and do Peacekeeping operations, they get awards. Our Army, as bad as they are, when they send them to go and do Peacekeeping operation, they suddenly know how to shoot and kill, but when it comes to here, nothing works for them”.

He said that in the anti-corruption fight he is a force to reckon with as he has been actively consistent for more than 20 years, and was instrumental in making sure former President Goodluck Jonathan was not cheated out of his legitimate right to take over from his late Principal, Musa Umar Yar’Adua, and unveiled the latter’s poor performance to the citizens.

He also expressed his concerns on restructuring, despite being in support of economic restructuring, and advised the Niger-Delta region to be meticulous in managing its resources for a technologically-driven future because crude oil will soon outlive its usefulness.

He says his reason for not owning a bank account in Nigeria is to avoid manipulation by economic cabals which would have led to his compromising his anti-corruption reputation.

Declaring for a political party

Sowore told supporters that he would announce the political party he would be contesting under before August. Questioning the People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) claim of being the largest political party in Africa, he said PDP would not have needed to join some “Husband and wife/briefcase parties” to form a coalition if it truly was as powerful as portrayed.

“Don’t be surprised if PDP is actually working for APC because there is no difference between APC and PDP. The people who are in APC today are people who were in PDP before and people who are PDP today are people who are decamping again from APC”.

Describing the claims of rigging in the Ekiti election as Karma, he reminded supporters of how the former Governor, Ayodele Fayose, was accused of rigging the election that brought him to power.

Sowore also explained his role, through SaharaReporters, in unraveling plots to rig General Elections. He claims he made it difficult for the results to be manipulated in favour of the incumbent.

Since it has become known how politicians rig elections digitally, he says politicians have changed strategy to bribing voters to vote for them- vote buying.

Present at the Fundraising dinner was Ambassador Dion Osagie, Philanthropist, and founder, Godsent Foundation, who advised the youths to get their PVC while clearly stating his indecisiveness on a preferred presidential candidate.

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