The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), have urged Nigeria to move its Israel Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, in solidarity with the United States, even though Palestinian Christians were vehemently against the move.

In a statement by CAN President, Samson Ayokunle, which was signed by his Spokesman, Adebayo Ayodeji, President Trump declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is a fulfillment of God’s prophecy.

Ayokunle who made the disclosure while congratulating the Israeli Government on its 70th anniversary said the relocation of the capital to Jerusalem was “special anniversary present from the God of the patriarchs”.

“We appreciate the leadership role of the United States in the landmark historic event. We are happy that Countries such as the United States of America, Guatemala, Honduras, Romania and Paraguay have relocated their Embassies from Tel Aviv.

“It is our prayers that other Countries including Nigeria will relocate their Embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.”

In a sharp contrast to CAN’s position, Christians in Palestine are against the move which they termed “insulting” and giving Israel what it does not deserve.

According to Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem, Atallah Hanna, who spoke at a news conference in West Bank city of Bethlehem, the move is an insult to Christians and Muslims around the world, who consider Jerusalem as an “incubator of their most sacred, spiritual and national heritage.”

“We Palestinians, Christians and Muslims reject the U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.”

Prior to Trump decision in December 2017, 13 Christians leaders wrote to him that the decision would cause “irreparable harm” if he attempts to name Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

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The letter signed by patriarchs and Head of Churches in Jerusalem, said “such steps will yield increased hatred, conflict, violence and suffering in Jerusalem and the Holy Land.”

“We ask from you, Mr President, to help us all walk towards more love and a definitive peace, which cannot be reached without Jerusalem being for all.

“Our solemn advice and plea is for the US to continue recognizing the present international status of Jerusalem. Any sudden changes would cause irreparable harm.”

CAN wants President Muhammadu Buhari to recognize the disputed land of Jerusalem as Israel capital, as it would fulfill a Biblical a prophecy, while it continuously accuses the President of an alleged plan to Islamize Nigeria.

Even worse, there seem to be an attempt to blackmail the President into this suggestion as an All Progressive Congress (APC), Chieftain, Chief Charles Udeogaranya, says the Nigerian Government move of its Embassy to Jerusalem would prove that the President is not religiously biased.

“Nigeria being an ally of the United States of America needs to follow suit.  I am therefore urging our dear President to urgently endorse and follow through by moving our embassy to Jerusalem.

”This singular act will prove to all and sundry that President Buhari has no special attachment to any particular religious group in the country.”

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