President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria with President Donald Trump, of United States of America to discuss issue relating to corruption, development, security and growth and reached a number of agreements which the Presidency says covered all the Nigerian President wanted from the trip.

The meeting which was held at White House, Washington DC in the US was termed the first visit by a Sub-Saharan African leader to President Trump since he assumed office in 2017.

Both leaders had a chat in the House, during which Trump asked Buhari questions about the kidnapped girls, the fight against corruption and other issues before they both did a joint press conference before fielding questions from journalists.


President Trump praised Buhari for his efforts in the huge fight against corruption, noting that, although the country had a historic record of corrupt practices, it has been tremendously reduced.

“In terms of Corruption, Nigeria has a reputation for very massive corruption, but I also know that the present President has been able to cut that down very substantially, we talked about it, and they have also made a lot of progress.”

President Buhari, in turn, lauded Trump for his support in helping Nigeria repatriate up to $500 million looted funds stashed in the US.

Oil and Trade

President Buhari was asked whether he would persuade his American counterpart to buy more of the Nigeria Crude, but he responded saying he would not tell the US what to do.

He added that the Country also has other markets where the Country’s crude is being sold.

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Trump on his own part said there are “trade barriers” which is against the United States, saying talks is going with the Buhari in “ripping down” the barriers.

“We give Nigeria well over $1billion in trade every year. And we have already started talking with the President about taking down the trade barriers, very substantial barriers to the United States.”

This has been largely misconstrued to mean that he promised Nigeria 1 billion dollars.


President Trump condemned the various unjust killings in the Nigeria and urged the President to put an end to the slaughter of both Christians and Muslims in some parts of the country.

“The Nigerian authorities should protect the lives of innocent civilians of all faiths including Muslims and Christians.”

He also specifically condemned the killings and persecution of Christians and also burning of their places of worship.

While Trump had urged the Buhari-led Government to protect lives of both faiths, Many Media outlets focused on the former, while ignoring the latter.

On the alleged ‘Shit-hole’ comment

Recall that Trump was alleged to have said some African Countries are “shit-holes” while speaking at a closed door meeting, an allegation he vehemently denied. President Buhari was asked about his reaction to the denigrating statements to which he responded, saying he would rather “keep quiet” when he is not sure of the truth.

“I am very careful what the Press says about other persons and myself.”

Trump on his own said the issue was not discussed between him and Buhari, though he added that some Countries are in a very bad shape and are also tough places to live in.

“We didn’t discuss because the President knows me, and he knows where I am coming from, and I appreciate that.”

World Cup Bid

Trump seeks the support of Nigeria in bidding to co-host the 2026 World Cup with Canada and Mexico.

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He also said the US would be watching closely for foreign supporters who got aid from them but are refusing to support the quest for the football tournament.

“I hope all Africa Countries and Countries throughout the World, that we also will be supporting you and that they will likely support us in our bid, along with Canada and Mexico for the 2026 World Cup.”

Plans to Visit Nigeria

Trump also expressed his desire to visit Nigeria, adding that he has heard a lot of beautiful and amazing things about the Country and there is no place as beautiful as Nigeria, in obvious flattery.

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