Former Liverpool player, Peter crouch has entered the Guinness World Record 2018 for most headed goals scored in the Premier League.


The Stoke City striker unseats Alan Shearer who held the previous record of 46 goals. Crouch surpassed the tally in 2015 and has since added five more goals to his tally to set a record not likely to be broken anytime soon.


Crouch’s 51 headers come from a total of six different clubs in the Premier League over a period of 15 years. He has made 42 appearances for England with 22 goals to his name.


He is the third player behind Jimmy Greaves and Gary Lineker to finish his career with a goal in every two match played.


“I see centre forwards hanging around outside the box and it blows my mind, I just can’t get my head around it.


“I believe, if you are a centre forward, you should be in the box, ready for the ball. That’s the way I have always played my game and that will never change.


“The record feels good! To hold any record, certainly in the Premier League, is great. I’m very proud of it.


“I believe it ended too soon, but that’s football, it’s a game of opinions. I had a great run, I loved it.


“I was part of every squad for five years in a period where I think we had our best team since ’66 and really should have won something,” the 36 year old said.


Crouch’s height has been a major advantage to his attaining the record measuring 6.6ft and with a weigt of 75kg.


Among other entries for the Guinness World record include the fastest goal scored in a FIFA football World Cup qualifier by Christian Benteke at 8.1 secs, most number of games won by a coach with the same international football team was Joachim Low of Germany, while Cristiano Ronaldo scored the most UEFA European Championship tournaments.

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