A deep shadow,
drawn across the vintage of time.
Memories rushing back, 
like fishes washed away from the Pacific.
Slowly melodies of cries and laughter,
Of yesteryears synchronize.
Silhouettes of loved ones,
Who was and now wasn’t poke the heart.
Quickly time restarts in a lucid spectre.
Lips gape, as eyes becomes moist and misty.
The alleyway leading to the labyrinth of Necromancy desires,
Weaves into a tapestry of Regrets.
Hybrids of Smile and tears consoles the body but shrinks the soul.
Wishing to hold hands again,
For we have become half of a whole.
The urge to change fate, becomes Eminent.
A deep shadow,
Patched on the seat of the soul.
Memories, is what we have left.
But like a meadowlark,
We must allow to fly away,
Because letting go,
Of some memories, is the Best MEMORY.

Great-Mind Poems

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