Director in charge of Real Sector and Household Statistics, National Bureau Statistics (NBS), Dr Isiaka Olarewaju has revealed that Nigeria would need harmonisation strategy on statistical data gathering, in order to be able to achieve even development.

“To the best of my knowledge, our problem is not handling big volumes of data, it is about the harmonisation of the data gathered.

“We can handle big volumes of data, we have gotten to the stage of using electronic means of collecting data from households”

“Already right from the field, it is being transmitted online from the data collecting point to the national data processing centre which does not take time to analyze”

He stated that NBS which is the custodian of official statistics in Nigeria had not fully achieved its 2017 plans, emphasizing that they are still in the process of executing some projects.

“Labour force survey is used to determine the unemployment rate and the distribution of employed persons”

“It is used to measure distribution of the employed so that the country can look at the gap and see which sector will demand intervention when it comes to employment opportunity”

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