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 Silky Gazelle

She is the silky Gazelle, of the eleventh paradise..
Blazing the trail of a thousand beams..
She is the Ebony whiteness of the southern Aphrodite..
Flashing in rays, of many years yet unseen..

She is the silky Gazelle of extinct dynasties….
Rising to behold, the power of truth..
She is the shooting star, from a million galaxies..
A garden of orchards with endless roots…

She is the gorse found in the middle of nowhere..
The mellifluous rhythm that calms the wave..
She is the Penthesilea, that walks the path of here..
The Nonpareil with the span of endless days..

She is the penchant that titillates the Hermite..
The vestigial from an erstwhile world..
She is the roar that quakes the hills of termites..
The blunt part, of a heroes sword..


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     Silky Gazelle

    by Aminu Kebiru time to read: 1 min
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