Paris Saint Germain forward Kylian Mpabbe will set a record for the second highest transfer fee come next year. Mpabbe, who is currently on loan at PSG, will seal the €180 million deal which will make his transfer the world’s second highest after Neymar completed €222 million deal from Barcelona.


Mbappe would also earn a sum of £200,000 per-week alongside teammate Neymar who takes home the sum of £515,000 per-week being the second highest paid footballer in the world behind Carlos Tevez of Shangai Shenua who earns a weekly pay of £615,000.


Meanwhile, La Liga President Javier Tebas has described the latest PSG spending as ‘‘Peeing in the pool” on FFP rules. UEFA had announced an official investigation into the multi million Pound spending of Paris Saint Germain as whether it complied with FFP rulings requiring clubs to break even.


In a statement by European’s football governing body, UEFA says


”The Investigatory Chamber of the Uefa Financial Control Body has opened a formal investigation into Paris Saint Germain as part of its ongoing monitoring of clubs under Financial Fair Play regulations. The investigation will focus on the compliance of the club with the break even requirements, particularly in light of its recent transfer activity”.


Clubs sources of Income: 
Football Clubs earn their income through a number of channels even as Broadcast rights is reportedly a major source. The English Premier League signed a contract in November 2016 with China for a three year live broadcast worth approximately £560 million with a £5.1 billion deal earlier in February with Sky Sports and BT Sports to air live matches between 2016-2019.

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Transfer also bring in funds for clubs as they play hard in other to extract more from other clubs interested in their players. Sponsorship overtime has also been a major funding avenue for clubs. Clubs get paid to have large companies logo on their jersey and also feature in advertisement in cases of multiple sponsorship deals. In 2014 Chevrolet signed a 7 year sponsorship deal with Manchester United worth £53 million per year.


Ticket sales, merchandise, new ownership all represents sources of income and prize money for various competitions. Real Madrid earned a prize amount of €89.5 million for winning the 2016/2017 UEFA Champions League.


Players pay

With the large inflow of funds in football, players are heavily paid compared to other jobs. Currently, none of the top ten most paying jobs in the world match up to the amount footballers and players in other sports earn, with most footballers earning on weekly basis what most high paying jobs pay annually.


In previous investigations carried out by UEFA, Manchester City and Paris Saint Germain have been found wanting for breaching Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations.

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