Yes, I see them again scurry in thievery steps
To the top, only to emasculate our economy.  ah!
Disguised in shredded suits adorned by Lucifer himself.
Their wicked eyes shift focus away from the common man
Living from hand to mouth; in one accord—
They coup and snatch power from the masses’ feeble grips.
Barren pregnancies, housing their greed, they carry around.
With their bald-headed candle, lighting confusion in the sky.
They conjure laws that suits their whims, like their suits.
And cause our new world great ravage without suits.
They are the law above all laws that chain…
Left on me, and blind to you…
They neither see me, nor hear of your loud cries!
Political toothless bulldogs, yet of vandalism.
Lioness that left her cub to languish in the desert,
Rapists to the constitution without conviction!
They convict us for being rapped by penury.
These souless artistes, banging metallic music,
And those who dance and dance to their songs of doom
Live not to dance again!
They clutch order to disorder any ordered order.
And for this, they murder any murderer,
Whose innocence has been so murdered!
With the scanning eyes of the Omniscient,
How clear: these myopic incumbents are the Dis(order)
Of an orderly world, made for mankind.
And their days here, are numbered! Aye!  I see that too…

Amin Kabir
{Great Mind}

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