Ex-US Presidents Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama are all uniting to help hurricane Harvey and Irma victims under the platform of “One America Appeal”


The ex-presidents made a direct appeal to American citizens to donate to the rebuilding efforts, estimated at $180bn.


Bill Clinton in a statement said that

“hurricane Harvey brought terrible destruction, but it also brought out the best in humanity”

Meanwhile, dozens of countries like Mexico, Bangladesh, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, among others have assisted hurricane Harvey victims, with the latest help coming from Qatar whose contribution has been the largest from a foreign government so far. Qatar donated 30 million dollars to help the people of Texas.


Businesses have also donated about $157m for the upkeep of hurricane Harvey victims. Celebrities, religious bodies, philanthropists among others have also assisted hurricane Harvey victims with funds and relief materials ranging from diapers, food items, clothing among others


Over 70 people have lost their lives and over one million people displaced since the disaster struck in August, 2017.


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