A poem by GMP


Black by nature.
But with a soul purer than the crystals in “Ogunpa“.
Adeife! A Dim,brighter than the spectrum of the universe.
Conquering all with stillness,
Her gateway is the root of heaven and earth.
She thus brings forth life and death.
But you brought me only life,
Saving the death for yourself on the other end of your Ankara,
Where the iroko will become an epitaph on your gravestone.
A panegyric,to a Regal Slave,worthy of adoration.
She is a mother and daughter.
The prey,and the hunter.
She is the Queen,and the Slave,
The Dove,and the Rage.
“Patako akoko ti wonti ko oruko awon okunrin”
The slate where which all men’s name was first written.
Unlike the “DAY“,she sleeps only in her Crypt.
She is the Nyx,whose darkness illuminate the brightest beams.
Oh “OMO-DUDU“ the blank map of your face,
Leading to the paved street,of your smile,everly busy,
Like the medieval famous market of Apomu,
Of the fire raved dynasty of Owu iponle.
The fire of my love for you,
burns as thus in my eyes,
Where rivers of endless tears of joy flows peacefully.
Oh “Iyunloye“,the enchantress that lures a wounded warrior,
Into the open fields,to die again for her lost course.
I pray this love never betrays me.


GMP ©2017

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