Paul Okoye of Nigeria’s music duo, Psquare, on Tuesday 5 Sept 2017, lost over $300 [N107,850] to gambling at the Aria Resort and Casino, Las Vegas USA.


Haven won only $0.25 [89.61Kobo] from the gamble on Tuesday, Paul took to his Instagram handle @rudeboypsquare to express displeasure about the loss.

“after spending $300 on #gambling…i won 25cents ndoshi !!! Oloshi!!! Barawo!!! # yahoomachine #scam #yahooplus . the funny thin is that u will just be getting some free shayo and na fine girls dey in charge for table ? with all the disco light? u go just dey mumu go”


The Aria Resort and Casino is a luxury resort and Casino known for gambling of all sort. It is a part of the city center complex on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise Nevada.


Meanwhile, some of Paul’s fans and followers on Instagram were unhappy with this act of gambling, emphasizing it was a waste of resources; as others equally sympathized with him over the lost.


In America, legalized gambling is legal in every state apart from Utah and Hawaii. One study showed that 27.1 percent of gamblers who spent just 5% of their income on gambling reported experiencing serious problems because of their gambling habit, including health problems, high debts, financial issues, or guilt and other negative emotions. Another study shows that 26% of gamblers end up in divorce and separation.


A study by Mass Compulsive Gamblers found that 75% of gamblers had an alcohol disorder, 38% had a drug use disorder, and 60% were nicotine dependent. It also found that 50% of gamblers had experienced a mood disorder, 41.3% had experienced an anxiety disorder, and 60.8% had experienced a personality disorder.

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