American song legend, Don Williams, has died after a brief illness, his publicist announced on Friday.


Williams, who was born on 27 May 1939 in Floydada, Texas, United States of America to American parents, began singing at the age of 3. He married Joy B. Bucher at the age of 21 and was blessed with two sons; Gary and Timmy. His leisure time was spent Fishing and tinkering with his prized `56 Chevy.


Don Williams was mostly known for his art rather than his lifestyle as a celebrity. Don worked as a bill collector, he drove a bread truck, worked in the Texas oil fields, in furniture retailing, in a smelting plant, and for Pittsburgh Plate Glass.


The nature of the ailment that led to his death remains unknown, but in 2016 Williams had an unexpected hip surgery which forced him to cancel tour dates, and he announced his retirement a month later.

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