Former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo has said that Nigerians should rather advocate for a better management of the country’s resources rather than advocating for the restructuring of the country.


He explained his position on restructuring, saying instead of fighting for restructuring; people should be concerned about inclusiveness and the restructuring of their minds.


“I have spoken to six different people who talk about restructuring and the six of them gave me different points of view. The other day, some people came to me and what they were talking about didn’t make sense”.


The former President stated that he cannot be a part of a people who clamour for restructuring and are nostalgic about the country’s independence, as well as its post-independence and their various tribes.


“So, what are we talking about? We have a country that God has endowed; the management of that endowment is what we have to work on. All hands must be on deck. Some of the people clamouring for restructuring are nostalgic about the country’s independence; that’s their restructuring and some of them are nostalgic about post-independence. Some of them are nostalgic about their tribes, and that’s their restructuring. I cannot be part of that”.


“My own restructuring is what I have said: we have to restructure our mentality. We have to restructure our minds. We have to restructure our understanding of Nigeria. What country do we want? And if we decide on what kind of country we want, how do we get that country? We need to get every Nigerian to have the feeling that they have a stake in the country?”

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