Rescue teams have tried to reach millions, stranded by the South Asia’s worst torrential rain disaster in recent years where death toll has climbed to over 1,000.


Soldiers in their thousands and Emergency Personnel who were deployed across India, Bangladesh and Nepal said that over 1,000 bodies have been recovered since the heavy downpour began August 10.


A State Disaster Management Official, Anirudh Kumar stated that about twenty-six bodies were found in Bihar, a hard-hit state in India’s East, taking the death toll there to 367.


“We still have nearly 11 million people affected in 19 districts of the state, 450,000 flood refugees had taken shelter in Government asylums.”


Flood swamped close to half the State of Uttar Pradesh, which is India’s most populous where about 220 million people live. Over 82 persons have been lost to the flood while more than two million people have been affected by the disaster.


Nepal which was also affected has had about 80,000 homes destroyed and 146 people dead.


It would be recalled that approximately 350 people died in the first wave of flood that began in mid-July in India’s Western States of Gujarat and Rajasthan, and several remote North-Eastern states. Meanwhile, BBC in its report about a week ago stated that over 16 million people have been affected by seasonal flooding across a swathe of South Asia.

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