In an exclusive interview with ETN24, the National President of the National Association of Nigerian Students, Comrade Haruna Kadiri explained why the student body was not part of the #ResumeorResign Protest organized to pressure President Buhari into returning home from his medical vacation in London.


Comrade Haruna Kadiri who is highly revered for his blockade on Turkey’s Embassy over the arrest of innocent Nigerian students as well as his rejection of 20 million naira bribe handed him to solicit NANS support on a corrupt case, said the apex student body did not partake in the protest to pressure Buhari back because there was not vacuum left as the President dutifully handed over power to his Vice Professor Osinbajo.


While admitting he is not an authority in the matter of law, Comrade Haruna mentioned that there is no limit to how long the President can stay receiving treatment claiming that even if there were it would have been open to various interpretation.


“NANS is completely independent of partisanship” he said


Speaking on the performance of the Government so far, Comrade Haruna opined that on Economy, the government has not done well. He however added that the Government’s claim that it has scored some lasting point on the nation’s economy can also not be totally denied. He cited Kebbi State’s Rice production as an example.


Speaking on what NANS is doing about the North Eastern schools that have been destroyed by Boko Haram, the President said that the Federal Government and the security agencies in Nigeria are doing a lot. He expressed disappointment that University of Maiduguri did not have perimeter fencing when he visited and stated that Boko Haram could easily gain access to the school without stress. He expressed hope that the schools destroyed would be rebuilt.

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Comrade Haruna’s position on Restructuring was that restructuring is now. He urged States to capitalize on its strengths and develop itself instead of depending on Federal allocation all the time.


When asked if NANS would support the Buhari administration in 2019, his reply was


“it depends on how this tenure ends. Enough of the blame game, do things right”.


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