Taiwan’s President, Tsai Ing-wen have expressed regret over a nationwide power outage that affected millions of households a day earlier explaining that it was as a result of a malfunction at the Tatan Power Plant in Taoyuan County and vowed to review the island’s power grid in order to secure the system’s stability.


“I, on behalf of the administration, deeply apologise for the inconvenience and worry caused. It should have not happened.”


Tsai called for a comprehensive review of the country’s “fragile power supply systems”.


The malfunction, caused by human error, affected the supply of 4.65 million kilowatts of electricity and approximately 6.68 million households in 17 cities and counties on the main island of Taiwan.


The outage led to the resignation of Economics Affairs Minister, Lee Chih-kung two days ago.


Premier, Lin Chuan, has also ordered a probe to identify management problems in the state-run Taiwan Power Company and CPC Corporation Taiwan, a state-owned petroleum, natural gas, and gasoline company.


Lin said the Taiwanese government would invite foreign specialists to help improve network stability and promote decentralised electricity generation.


CPC Taiwan Chairman, Chen Chin-te pointed out that the human error was caused by a contractor’s failure to follow standard operating procedures.


Taiwan with a population of about 24 million persons is home to Taichung Power Plant, the world’s largest coal-fired power plant with a 5,500 MW installed capacity. This implies that just one out of the 78 Power Plants in Taiwan can generate the power Nigeria is currently managing. Whereas the peak of consumption was in 2016 when it reached 36,199 MW.

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