As results came in showing Uhuru Kenyatta, the incumbent, led protests, which has now escalated, sparked in some parts of Kenya with a group of Raila Odinga’s supporters chanting “No Raila, no peace”, shortly after he declared massive fraud in the election results which shows that Uhuru Kenyatta was leading the race at the time.


The leader of Kenya’s opposition claimed he was cheated of victory by an overnight hacking attack that he said manipulated the results in the country’s presidential election. He rejected early results of a presidential election on Wednesday that showed he was losing to incumbent and long-time rival Uhuru Kenyatta, stoking fears that his displeased supporters could take to the streets as they have now.


Mr Odinga questioned the published results and complained that they were not accompanied by scanned copies of forms signed by all party agents in polling stations. Kenyan law states that where there is a discrepancy between a result on the website and the form, the result on the form will be considered final.


Raila Odinga, who in 2007 rejected the election results in an election which prompted rioting and retaliation and caused the death of about 1,200 Kenyans as a result of ethnic violence that followed, said on Tuesday night that the early results were “fictitious” and “fake”, telling a late-night news conference that his party’s own tally put him ahead.


In 2013, Odinga also rejected defeat. He took his fight to the courts where he lost. Odinga supporters interviewed in recent days said they would not take to the streets if they believed they had been fairly defeated, though they insisted their leader had been robbed of victory during the last two polls.

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However, some of his supporters said if it is being rigged there will be chaos and people will fight, a threat they now make good. Others stated that they would wait for their leader’s decision.


“If we lose, then we will wait for our leader Raila Odinga to speak. If he says it is OK, then it is OK. If he says fight, we will fight”.


Meanwhile, Raila Odinga urged his supporters to remain calm, but added:


“I don’t control the people”.


Ralia Odinga’s supporters have been accused of creating the infamous Ralia Odinga virus in the past as protest over his losing. The virus, well known to Nigerians had the following characteristics:

1. A picture of Odinga appears, if you delete the picture file it will delete and return to where it was.
2. It runs from the driver folder in system 32 folder
3. It auto runs at system startup
4. It makes the computer boot slowly
5. It makes the computer freeze
6. It creates new folder.exe folders in your computer


The Tech community in Africa will sure be on the watch this time around.

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