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Brazilian Judge imprisoned for driving confiscated car

A Federal Court in Rio de Janiero, the Brazilian capital, has sentenced a Brazilian Judge to 8 years imprisonment for driving a confiscated car.


The Porsche  Cayenne belonging to former Billionaire Eike Batista and another of his luxury car were found in the garage of the Judge, Flavio Souza. The Judge who was presiding over criminal proceedings against Batista was removed from office after being caught driving Batista’s confiscated car in 2015. The Judge is also reported to have in his possession Batista’s Piano and Rolex Watches.


The properties were seized by a court due to debts owed by Eike Batista as well as allegations of in trading.


As at 2012, Batista was named as the world’s seventh richest man with a net profit of 30 Billion Dollars.  Batista’s major investment were in the mining and exploration of oil and gas.


Drop in oil prizes, falling stock prizes and criminal charges levied against him saw a sharp decline in his fortune. He was arrested for money laundering and corruption in late January. Among the allegations in the proceedings is that on the advice of a spiritual advicer named Ubirajara Pinheiro, Batista tossed about one hundred and thirty thousand dollars worth of gold coins into the Atlantic last year from the top of a yatch in a view to make amends with the sea goddess lemanja, giving gold back after his years of mineral extraction.


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    Brazilian Judge imprisoned for driving confiscated car

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