The President of France, Emmanuel Macron is now planning to retract his decision on creating an official first lady position for his wife amidst attacks from opponents and petition against his move.


More than 250,000 signatures have been received so far exceeding the initial target of a petition that was championed by a painter and author Theirry Paul Valette on two weeks ago.


“Brigitte Macron currently has a team of two or three aides, as well as two secretaries and two security agents. That’s enough,” the petition reads


“They are asking Members of Parliament and Senators not to employ their spouses but they make an exception for the wife of Emmanuel Macron. That is contradictory,” Thierry told Reuters.


The president announced during his campaign that he would create a formal position for the First lady with her own office and staff. He made it clear that public funds would not be used to pay her but the French believes his plan is an ‘Americalization’ of their politics.


Unlike the U.S First Lady, the wife of the French President does not have a formal role, although they are often informal champions for charitable causes. Past French Presidents’ wives had small teams working for them at the Elysee Presidential Palace.

The issue comes as the French Parliament, which is dominated by Marcon party, is about to pass a new law that would prevent MPs from hiring relatives or family members as Assistants.


Macron rode to victory in May, becoming the youngest President in French history at 39-year-old with is a centrist. His wife Bridget, who is 64-year-old, was his former school teacher and they fell in love while writing a play together in high school.

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