Buhari Campaign Organisation (BCO), which consists of supporters of the President ,has said that the current administration can boast of at least 12.2 million voters for the 2019 elections.

Mr Danladi Parsali, its National Coordinator, at its inauguration pointed out some of the achievements of this present administration to include growth in the Agricultural sector,Security, and rise in the fight against corruption amongst others.

At the Event, Coordinators for the six states in the South West geopolitical zone were appointed. A Patron of the Organisation, Mr Ahmad Ajibade stated that even if the President, Muhammadu Buhari, was not strong enough to withstand campaign stress and pressure, the group would work to ensure his victory in the 2019 Presidential election.


The President has been off the country for close to 100 days and many have asked if history is repeating itself in Nigeria. Former President Umar Musa Yar’adua left Nigeria for unclear health reasons on November 23, 2009 and returned February 24, 2010 putting his time off the shores of the country at 3 months. President Buhari traveled May 7, 2017 for unclear health reasons and has since not returned, putting his stay abroad at three months also. Supporters of President Buhari however made a difference of the fact that in the case of Buhari, power was properly transmitted to Vice President Osinbajo unlike the situation with Yar’adua.

Similarities have also been drawn from the speculations then that the late President was on life support machine and the speculations that President Buhari is in a critical state. Matter of fact Governor Fayose of Ekiti State once posited that the President was on life support only to readjust after pictures of the President emerge, at which time the Governor said the President’s health has become better.

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Aisha Buhari, the President’s wife who returned barely a week ago from London where she went to visit her ailing husband assuring Nigerians that the President was in a good health and would return soon, has traveled back again to London, making the third time she would be visiting her husband since May 7, 2017.


Non of these seem to disrupt the activities of the Buhari Campaign Organization, perhaps due to the relatively no-money-bag campaign strategy of the organization, its supporters will say.

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