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Musician KCEE to run for “Anambara” Governor

Kingsley Okonkwo, popularly known as Kcee, has expressed his intention to vie for the position of Governor in the coming elections in his state.

The singer, who frequently receives criticism for how he dresses, posted a picture on his Instagram page making reference to his intention..


“It’s about time, big announcement on Tuesday, august, 8 at 11am. #Nottoyoungtorun # Attentiontodetail.” he wrote.


Kcee, who is the CEO of Five Star Music, will be running against an actor, Yul Edochie, who is also running for Governor in the same state. Both celebrities have not yet identify the political party they would be running under.

Meanwhile, the picture posted by Kcee to announce his intention was met with mixed reactions from fans as his name was spelt as ‘Kinsley’ and Anambra was spelt has ‘Anambara’. Many wonders how a prospective Governor failed to spell his name and state correctly in his first campaign poster.

One of the fans, eboniedammie, wrote:

Y’all gonna vote for someone who can’t spell his name and state correctly? Smh.

Another funny fan thought:

this one will be running Anambra from Quilox.


There is however an English name spelt Kinsley meaning King Field while Kingsley means “from the King’s window”. The “Anambara” error however does not help this excuse even worse when Mr. KCEE’s campaign slogan seem to be “Attention to Details 2017”

Kcee, who released an official statement on Thursday, claimed that the proceedings from his recently launched album will be used to champion his campaign project.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the first project of attention to detail movement- the album. Proceeds from this would be used to further our campaign project”.

Kcee who has no history of political affiliations or experience has joined the list of popular celebrities who join politics. They include Desmond Elliot, Alexandar Abolore Akande (9ice), among others.

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    Musician KCEE to run for “Anambara” Governor

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