Image courtesy New York Times, Mainok Borno State


The dreaded militant group Boko  Haram yesterday attacked Miltho village in Madagali Local Council of Adamawa State, opened fire on the sleeping residents killing 7 persons while injuring 10 others and escaping with food item.


Miltho is to the East of Sambisa Forest which has been the home of Boko Haram for most part of its war against the Nigerian government. For perspective, Sambisa is said to be 18 times the size of Lagos; the former Nigerian capital. This hideout cuts across 6 states namely Borno, Jigawa, Kano, Yobe, Bauchi and Gombe. This may be the reason why despite government’s claim to have taken Sambisa, Boko Haram rebels still launch Guerrilla warfare from this area.


Seven months ago, the Nigerian Army captured what was termed the very last camp of Boko Haram fighters but in March when the Army did its annual training on the land as a show of strength and an effort to restore historical value, the Chief of Army Staff General Tukur Burutai was realistic about the situation when he said the war was not over:

“Today Boko Haram are in hiding. Tomorrow you wake up, and the spate of attacks seem to continue. This is what we can do to protect the people”

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