Being the owner of two Universities and a plan to own 5
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In February, the Nigerian Army appointed J.T.E. Chukwu as its new spokesman.
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Pastor Oyedepo’s Jubril from Sudan goof may be raising questions about News satire
Being the owner of two Universities and a plan to own 5 more was of little help to Pastor David
Nigerian Army spokesman removal – When TheCable puts “a source” over fact
In February, the Nigerian Army appointed J.T.E. Chukwu as its new spokesman. He was to replace Sani Usman, who was nominated



Is JOHESU really asking for the same salary as Medical Doctors?
The industrial action by health workers under the aegis of the Joint Health Sector Unions (JOHESU) since April 17, has
Coffee, Acrylamide and the Cancer brouhaha
Directives from a California court for coffee sellers to put a cancer warning on coffee sold because of acrylamide, a



There are few countries with almost zero diplomatic relationships; the United States of America and Iran is a ‘good’ example. For both countries, there have been ups, but mostly downs. With just 3 months to new sanctions against Iran coming into effect, Iran is promising to resist it while Donald Trump threatens war from his favourite podium, twitter. Speaking with diplomats earlier in the week, President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, complained about the US move towards sanctions against
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Folarin Falana, popularly known as Falz, got a lot of accolades for his This is Nigeria song and video wherein he lamented a number of social ills so effectively CNN reports that he held a mirror at the Nation. But many in the Muslim community are unable to place his show of a group of girls, on hijab and jeans, dancing with him. The song, which is actually a cover of Childish Gambino’s This is
/ May 29

Health and Safety


A study by Stanford University has added its voice to the conversation on the ideal age for marriage, as it shows that babies with older fathers are more at risk of facing health issues at birth. Published on Wednesday on Stanford’s BM Journal, the research paper says babies born to advanced fathers older than 35 are at more risk of health issues ranging from seizures to low birth weight, among other health challenges. Data from
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Hours before FIFA’s deadline handed Nigeria to fix its football body expires, the Government was between disobeying a Supreme Court verdict and Nigeria being banned from international football. It chose the former. FIFA’s threat to ban Nigeria came after years of leadership tussle, between Amaju Pinnick and Chris Giwa, at the Nigerian Football Federation. While Pinnick is recognized by FIFA as the legitimate NFF Chairman, Giwa, who took the matter to Court and lost at
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Media Reviews
By ETN24 Published on Dec 5, 2018
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Being the owner of two Universities and a plan to own 5 more was of little help to Pastor David Oyedepo as he read out a satire which claims President Muhammadu Buhari has a body double named Jubril from Sudan, thinking it was an actual News report. 

Speaking to about 50,000 of his members, Oyedepo referred to a piece by “one Olatunji Dare” published in The Nation Newspaper of Tuesday, November 27, 2018. Among the claims made in the said piece, according to Oyedepo, includes that President Buhari had died in the UK in 2017, and the Cabal in Aso Rock brought in a double from Sudan and made him President. 

The Pastor went ahead to read the piece as saying that the family of Jubril, upon knowing the weight of the issue, came to Abuja to demand power-sharing arrangement and 50% of Nigeria’s revenue for 10 years. 

The “One Olatunji Dare” is actually Professor Emeritus Olatunji Dare. A scholar, author, satirist, famous columnist and former Chairman of the Guardian Editorial Board, who is now an Editorial Adviser to The Nations Newspaper and write a column titled “At Home Abroad” every Tuesday.

For 19 years Professor Dare taught Journalism and International Communications at Bradley University and is the recipient of multiple awards including Lious Lyons Prize for Conscience and Integrity in Journalism. 

Not just anyone,…


Nigerian Army spokesman removal – When TheCable puts “a source” over fact
In February, the Nigerian Army appointed J.T.E. Chukwu as its
Fake News: Daily Independent suggests Leah Sharibu is dead from a source that says she is alive
In continuation of online media houses’ obtaining News from social
They want to search your house. Media houses give Daura and associates heads-up
Following the dismissal and arrest of the Director of the
Journalism or Paparazzism – When Ebuka’s wife types a word on Instagram, it is news
Lawyer and TV host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu again had another reason
Benue, Plateau Killings: Media houses lied on Miyetti Allah, ETN24 kept clarifying
Premium Times’ decision to retract a fake News it published
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Millions of people all around the world turned out in large, fashionably exciting, numbers to greet the arrival of the latest entry in the Marvel cinematic universe, Black Panther. The movie which features a fictional African kingdom, Wakanda, whose king is the superhero protagonist with wealth that would make Warren Buffet look like a salary earner and technology that would challenge alien attacks and stand, gained popularity and acclaim, mostly as a result of its
/ Mar 7



Former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s Third Force Movement, Coalition of Nigeria Movement (CNM) recently adopted the African Democratic Congress (ADC), a political party that has never won an election since its inception in 2006 and is renowned for stepping down for other party’s candidate. Announcing the development to journalists in a press conference, the Co-Convener of CNM, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola, said the integration is the first part of the coalition’s multi-layered action plan to give back
Olayinka Saddiq / May 12
 Telephone Conversation The price seemed reasonable, location Indifferent. The landlady swore she lived Off premises. Nothing remained But self-confession. “Madam” , I warned, “I hate a wasted journey – I am African.” Silence. Silenced transmission of pressurized good-breeding. Voice, when it came, Lipstick coated, long gold-rolled Cigarette-holder pipped. Caught I was, foully. “HOW DARK?”…I had not misheard….”ARE YOU LIGHT OR VERY DARK?” Button B. Button A. Stench Of rancid breath of public hide-and-speak. Red booth.
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Honestly Speaking


Rich and powerful people are privileged people. Having privilege simply means that you have special rights and advantages not available to everyone. Now before we make mouth about how people are equal in better societies let us remember that courts almost all over the world hand down something called Option of Fine. A rich and powerful man will simply pay the fine and walk while a poor man who knows nobody goes to jail. Let’s
/ Jul 30



Of Shitholes and the business of Country Bashing

/ Jan 23
If you tell a man he is a bastard he does not rush to the nearest hospital to pay for a DNA test so as to find out if you
December 2018
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Updated soccer information here. Now downloading information from the football info feed.
ETN24 30, Nov 5 mins
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Award-winning Nigerian-American fantasy author, Tomi Adeyemi, has apologized to veteran writer Nora Roberts after claiming the latter tried to profit from her work. While Ms. Adeyemi says she now knows “the titles were written in isolation” and that Roberts did not know about her book before choosing her title, there is still the small concern as to if the 25 years old writer understands plagiarism as she should. Or if she was talking of just the name of the Book.

On Tuesday, November 27, Adeyemi tweeted about her displeasure over what she called an attempt to profit from her Book “Children of Blood and Bones”. Roberts’ book, which Adeyemi found too similar to hers, is titled “Of Blood and Bones”

“it would be nice if an artist could create something special without another artist trying to shamelessly profit off it” She wrote.

The backlash that came after this was perhaps unprecedented. For context on why many felt irritated by the public accusation, this is Adeyemi’s first book which she plans to come in 3 parts. On the other hand, Nora Roberts is a veteran in the same genre Adeyemi writes on. With over 225 novels, Roberts has a 30 years experience in writing Books and is 44 years older than Adeyemi.

Arguing against

Adeyemi’s tweet, being accompanied by pictures of both Books, gave the impression that she was complaining about the similarities in the titles. In this light, the facts were against her. Not only are titles not copyrightable, had it been that one can, Adeyemi’s Book title could also have been said to have been stolen as there were books titled with…




The same Adeseun also embarked on the contructio
This reply is savagery. @etn24 you're good.
i think is not about being pessimistic is being
“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are lo

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